January 27, 2019


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My love for sewing started as a little girl sitting at the feet of my Grandmother and Mother.  A favorite childhood memory was looking up at these two great women that I had so much admiration for watching them sew.  At that moment I realized sewing would be my life long passion and teaching would give me the opportunity to share that love. 

By the time I got to high school I had fallen in love with the craft of sewing, the way the fabric and different textiles felt on my fingers, the sound of the sewing machine riveting was very exciting to me.  In my youth I had constructed so many garments for myself, my siblings even my dolls.  As a young adult, I loved making various garments and costumes for my children,(and yes they were the envy of the neighborhood). I was very proud.  

I have been in Charlotte for 13 years transplanted from Southern California and I love it here!.  I have worked at a local craft store for eight years where I also taught the sewing and jewelry making class. By all means I don’t consider myself an expert seamstress, however, I believe that I have enough knowledge and blessed with kind-hearted spirit to be helpful and share my skill with the world.  

  Through my research, I’ve found that the art of sewing is making a big resurgence, thanks to shows like Project Runway and many shows on HGTV. It is my ultimate dream that my small sewing business expands into a successful large business reaching the masses. I would love a large spacious facility so that I may teach younger people the great craft that I have fallen and continue to be in love with. 

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